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Intranet and extranet.

We implement intranet and extranet solutions for companies for internal communications, distribution of information, and management through information.

Intranet – information management within the company

We implement intranet solutions for internal communications, distribution and management of information within the company, and for management through information. The aim of these solutions is to support communality within organizations. 

Online service-based intranet provides a centralized solution for distribution of information within the company, for work orientation, and for management of work-related information. In addition, functional applications e.g. to facilitate space bookings or information screen management can be added to the solution, or other systems needed for daily work tasks can be integrated with the intranet environment.

Users typically sign into the intranet using personal credentials. Where required, authentication can also be done using LDAP or AD integration.

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Extranet – electronic services

At its best, extranet is an efficient electronic business operations tool. We implement customized extranet solutions for the electronic service channels of companies and as a tool in interest group communications. 

Tools can be developed in the extranet e.g. for distributing information, for order-delivery process management, and for e-commerce.

With digitalization, shifting to using electronic services is one of the most rapidly growing forms of extranet use. We have implemented various solutions e.g. for contract management, self-monitoring, and processing of reclamations. 

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Examples of our past intranet and extranet projects

Caverion intranet, Matkahuolto


Caverion Oyj

Caverion Corporation's intranet is used as an internal communication tool. It includes the Group's current news, nominations, contracts, events, guidelines and the contact informations of the units.

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