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Online services and online stores.

We design and implement websites in support of our customers’ businesses as turn-key deliveries.

Online services

We specialize in demanding online service projects that often involve integrations, intranet, extranet, product databases, online stores, booking systems, and other business applications.

Our website projects cover concept design, visual look, responsive user interface design, open source publication system that meets each customer’s specific needs, technical implementation, user training for content management of the website, publication of the website, search engine optimization, server maintenance, and user support for content managers.

Projects are always started with a workshop to determine the needs of the customer’s business operations, the best operating environment, and the contents of the online service package that makes it possible to reach the set goals.

Online stores

In online store projects we plan the functions that best suit the operating field and the business area together with the customer. We then implement the necessary integrations with payment services and background systems, such as ERP, PDM, PIM, and financial management.

E-commerce solutions can also be implemented for a more restricted target group by creating an online store or ordering system in the extranet.

Search engine optimization and web analytics

One of the main business goals of online services is to reach the desired target groups. Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) can be used to improve the search engine visibility of your website. Enhancing search engine visibility requires collecting background information and analysing it to convert it to a meaningful form. In this, analytics tools such as Google Analytics can be used.

Development of online services must be continued also after publication. This requires a combination of optimization, marketing, and analytics solutions. Web analytics combines monitoring and optimization, and is always based on data. To help make your website successful, we collect data on visitors to the site: their age, nationality, and native language. This enables adjusting the contents of the website to match the needs of your prospective customers. In addition, we determine how people find your website and what they do on your site during their visit.


Wordpress, TYPO3, Woocommerce

Academic Bookstore

We implemented the Academic Bookstore’s web service and the Lasten Lukupassi subsite (‘Children’s Reading Pass’).


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Design services.

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