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Product information management - Rubik PIM.

As the amount of information increases, the ability to manage it becomes all the more critical.

As the volume of data increases, also the importance of its management increases. Rubik PIM is a data system developed by Mediasignal for the management, enrichment, and multichannel publication of product information. The core idea of Rubik PIM is to enable easier targeted publication of product information in various channels, such as websites, online stores, mobile applications, and ordering systems for B2B customers.

One of the main benefits of the Rubik multichannel publication solution is the option to specify the product selection, product structure, and product information that is displayed in each channel. The system allows for managing various product lines, country-specific selections, and language versions, and for publishing the selected product information channel-specifically in a form that best meets the needs of each target group.

Main features of Rubik PIM:

  • Product information management and multichannel publishing
  • Enrichment of product information e.g. by adding pictures, brochures, installation instructions, and data sheets
  • Management of product components, e.g. production materials, spare parts, and related products
  • Production of different language versions and country-specific product selections
  • Retrieval of basic product information from e.g. ERP via an integration interface

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