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Service design and conceptualization.

The main goal of service design is to create business value for the service to be designed, within the set schedules and with the allocated resources.

Conceptualization of the service means brainstorming and preparing descriptions to ensure that all parties have a shared understanding of the upcoming project. At its best, conceptualization combines creative and fresh ideas with skilled assessment of the feasibility and benefits of these ideas. This kind of approach often produces unexpectedly efficient and innovative solutions.

Our user-oriented design ensures high-quality and cost-efficient commencement in the production environment of the user interface, the visual appearance, and technical features of the solution that all support the customer’s goals.

Success stories always require content development regardless of whether the aim is to launch a new service, or revitalize an old one. 

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Katepal Oy

Mediasignal designed and implemented a visually modern business solution for Katepal to cater for a wide range of users.


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