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Strategic planning.

We will prepare a clear and practical plan that will direct the operations of the entire company.

Our task is to recognize and create opportunities for up-to-date development of the business operations of companies. Our strengths include new kinds of thinking, genuine service-orientation, and use of modern technologies. We control, channel, and analyse information as the foundation for business. 

We interact with the customer during the planning phase in order to determine how digitalization suits the existing corporate culture, and how it could best be used in the company’s current strategy and in developing its business operations.

We provide strategic support for companies in changing the way of thinking that directs their business operations.

Jatke Oy

In addition to overall responsibility for communications, our long-term and diverse partnership with Jatke includes acting as an operative supplier in all marketing and communications productions and in online service development.

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Design services.

Communications and advertising.